Carrying a saree with ease is the ultimate act of grace by any woman. The show of regality portrayed through all its folds and frills becomes more evident in sarees that infuse various designs and styles inspired by the perfect mix of traditional and western ensembles.

The fusion is not limited to colors alone since creative minds put together various fabrics, weaving styles, and stitching techniques to give way to designer sarees that trend for their uniqueness and their distinct approach towards arranging ruffles in them.

Designer sarees have set forth an innovative trend for everyone to follow. The top designer sarees that are trending in today’s fashion world include:

Wonder by Sabyasachi Mukherjee:
Colours and fabric seem to play themselves into the hands of this designer known for his penchant for designing bridal clothes. Regarded as the foremost bridal couturier both in the country and globally, many women contact him for exclusive bridal outfits. Women who prefer a more refined look on their wedding day also connect with him to obtain premium-looking designs intermixed with different colors that boast of marital bliss.

A touch of finesse by Manish Malhotra:
Traveling worldwide with his quirky fashion ideas, this designer is a name to reckon with in the fashion industry spread over India and abroad. With a name synonymous with creativity, people know this man for delivering exclusive designs for bridal ceremonies and clients interested in his chic and ultra-modern outfits.

Setting trends by Anita Dongre:
Beautiful and inspiration-worthy, the ‘House of Anita Dongre’ is synonymous with style and fashion fully immersed in glamour. Inspired by Bollywood, her designs have set fire to the minds of some of the most acclaimed fashion designers. Bollywood has been hiring her services for 22 years now, and most designers regard her work as inherently creative and unprecedented.

Opulent world by Tarun Tahiliani:
Opulence aptly describes the bridal suits or lehengas designed by Tarun Tahiliani. A name that surpasses the global boundaries in the fashion world, he gained popularity for portraying Indian brides in designs that mix traditional sense with western fervor.
Tarun uses rich and elegant apparel that provides a shiny and lustrous sheen to every bridal costume showcased on-ramp or in ceremonies. You can observe the Indian influence even on the Western bridal designs that give them a globally recognized look.

Designs by Ritu Kumar:
What lies in a name? Well, you cannot say it for Ritu Kumar. Designers recall her while defining Indian fashion in the modern sense. She is a powerhouse of international fashion inspired by working with multiple fashion designers from India and abroad.

Most of her work gets inspiration from Indian textile crafts individuals, whom she considers essential for every Indian outfit. Each of her creations stresses embellishing sarees with intricate designs in quality fabric and myriad colors. If you are an upcoming bride, you must have at least one outfit from Ritu Kumar in your wardrobe.

High-end fashion by Anamika Khanna:
One of the foremost Indian designers to showcase her marvel at the Paris Fashion Work is Anamika Khanna. Celebrities love her offbeat style of presenting modern-age brides differently compared to what we traditionally observe. She uniquely blends contemporary modern styles with conventional traditional fashion and creates a style statement that undeniably bears her signature.

Individualism redefined by Shubhika:
If you have heard of the label ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, you have reached the doors of Shubhika, who is known for her bridal outfits in bright and vivid colors. Quirky with a traditional blend of designs, Shubhika has managed to carve a niche for herself by coming up with unmatched designs that have set precedence among upcoming designers/fashion-conscious women willing to experiment with their bridal looks.

The Varun Bahl collection:
People respect Varun Bahl more as an artist rather than as a designer. He got appreciated and respected for his unique collection that inspired many to create their signature styles on the global platform. Varun uses ancient blending techniques to infuse style with innovative and utmost creativity. The fabrics use sensual color combinations, while exotic motifs make a statement in typical Indian style.

Having one designer saree or a collection is a dream of every woman. It is hard to understand the feeling of a woman after wearing designer labels in ceremonies, functions, and social events. With an unprecedented boom in eCommerce websites, finding coveted designer labels is no longer a challenge. These days, you can easily purchase an exclusive designer saree online at the click of a button.

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